Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Evan is 1 year old!

i know it may not seem like it but, i really do enjoy blogging. it may take me forever to post something but that's only because, in true mommy fashion, "me time" is a luxury. at the moment, i'm waiting for evan to wake up from his nap so i'm sure this post will be interrupted.

evan is growing and changing so much. his one year check-up had him weighing in at 22 pounds 1 ounce and 30 3/4 inches long. he is almost walking on his own. he'll take a few steps be usually gets too excited, leans forward, and falls. he talks like crazy in his own little language. he will say mama and dada but not necessarily in a correct manner, but does say no and bye bye when he waves. he signs "all done/finished" and "more" when eating. and of course points and screams at things he wants. he'll tell you no after you tell him no (that's going to become a real struggle)and sometimes he'll even shake his finger at you while saying it! he is quite the little handful. nursing finally came to an end last week. evan was just biting WAY to often. he's still isn't a great eater but most days he does an okay job. he's consistently gaining weight so i'm not too worried. i just can't believe one year has passed so quickly. what an amazing year it has been. happy birthday angel baby!


  1. I am loving his long legs and feet in this picture! He is too cute and has grown way too fast!

  2. Aw, how sad was it really? I kinda wish I had known to do the pictures like that with Addison. We need to visit again. If we didn't have puppies I'd come stay with you guys and let Thad go to Ft. Myers with Jake to help coach baseball:)

  3. Awee Happy Belated Birthday Evan! I didn't know you blogged! How exciting! I hope all is well! :-)