Tuesday, May 13, 2008

7 (almost 8) months

so i often find myself hurrying to take a picture of my belly before that month is over. tomorrow i'll be 34 weeks, at 35 weeks, i'll be 8 months pregnant. but since i am still technically 7 months, i figured the 7 month pictures were still needed. i have certainly reached the 'really uncomfortable' phase of pregnancy. evan is rapidly running out of room which he lets me know by trying to push himself out of my belly through my bellybutton...well, at least that's what it feels like. he is also very low which brings on a lot of pelvic and groin pain. i feel like my groin muscles are pulled which makes everything from walking to even driving difficult. but i do only have 6 weeks left (assuming he waits until 40 weeks to make his grand appearance) so i can handle it. i keep having to remind myself, i've made it 34 weeks, 6 more is nothing! i'm so amazed that i will be holding my little boy in 6 weeks. there are so many ways that my impending motherhood has yet to sink in. so until next month, here's my belly!

7 months

Myer really wanted to be a part of this months photos