Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Evan is 2 months he's 3 months old!

all i can say is, thanks fay! as in tropical storm fay. she dished out quite a lot of water, some of which managed to make it's way into our bedroom, right where the computer is so, computer unplugged, carpet pulled up, etc, etc. we are just now getting things back to normal so i'm way behind on updating you on my precious little one.

evan is growing and changing so much. i feel so blessed that i get to witness it all. he loves to stand up and pull himself up. we of course are helping with this but he loves to test out those growing muscles. if you try to sit him down when he'd rather be standing, he'll let you know. same with when you try to lay him down and he'd rather sit up. he tries his hardest to sit up on his own but, he just manages to lift his head and roll to one side.

he's been sleeping in his crib for the last month (once again, thanks to fay). he's done really well. he even began to sleep through the night for about 2 weeks but apparently, he didn't really like that idea so he decided to start waking up again. good thing i'm not working yet.

he has already been on 3 long road trips (twice to see my family in pc and once to montgomery for a wedding). i can't say that he loves to travel just yet. i feel certain that once he no longer requires a car seat he will love traveling but while strapped down where he can't move, not so much. poor little guy, he really did quite well but, the last hour or so he just screams. i can't say that i blame him. i didn't like being strapped down for my c-section. i'd imagine it is a similar feeling.

well, i realize this is a bit short, after such a long break from updates, but i figure a picture is worth a thousand words. besides he's much cuter to look at then to read about :) hope you are all doing well and i promise, i'll do my best not to be such a slacker in the future!