Saturday, April 25, 2009

Evan is 10 months old!

what a big boy we have! he is growing and changing so much these days. he is so active too. he doesn't like to be held for too long (unless he nursing or getting a bottle), he just wants down so he can play. he crawls across the room so fast, usually with one of his toys dangling out of his mouth. he's cruising all around the living room too. he makes it very clear that he has got places to go!! he has also started to try and stand on his own, just for a few seconds at a time. he has become my little shadow , following me everywhere. we've given up trying to barricade him into the living room. he can climb over, or under, anything we put in his way. he finally discovered the dog food and he'll pitch a royal fit when i remove him from myer's bowl. he is all about asserting his independence. eating is really a struggle lately. he wants to feed himself, which is fine, except he gets tired of eating after a few bites. i just keep telling myself that he'll eat when he's hungry. he is totally recovered from his rotavirus experience so now we are just waiting for him to gain some weight back (which is why the lack of eating has me nervous at times). he's a long little thing (30 inches)and just about 20 pounds. but he does have my chunky thighs (poor guy)! evan has his own little language. he will talk to himself all day long. he talks to everyone we see when we're out running errands and he'll try to mimic the sounds that we make. it is amazing to watch that little brain work!

the fauxhawk make an appearance after bath time

laying in the playhouse with his snack cup

monthly picture time is getting tough...evan goes right for the sign

we took our first LONG distance road trip to north carolina during spring break. he did so well. we put him in his big car seat so i think the extra room helped his comfort level. he got to meet almost everyone on todd's dad's side of the family. they all loved him (of course).

trying to catch a bubble

babies and tulips...what could be better!

above all, we are just having so much fun with him. happy 10 months evan!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

evan had a wonderful first easter today!
he had much fun digging through his easter basket this morning.

then he got all dressed up in his easter outfit from elegant heirs (my most FAVORITE children's store in PC).

he sat pretty for pictures with cousin savanna.

he had a blast shaking all of his eggs that he found on the easter egg hunt.

i enjoyed his cuteness today but i couldn't help but think how much i can't wait until evan can really understand what this day is truly about. He is risen!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

we're home!

after a two night stay, we made it home thursday morning. evan is doing much better. you'd never know anything was wrong by the way he is now. he's keeping me on my toes once again. we've got one final check-up on monday and hopefully that will be the end of our rotavirus experience. thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!

evan loved playing the the tubing of his IV (it's in the right side of his head)

every once in a while, he'd give us a little smile to let us know he was going to be just fine!