Monday, December 22, 2008

Evan is 6 months old!

happy half birthday little one! i can't believe how big you are. you are sitting up (almost completely on your own). you are laughing and smiling all the time, all the while sticking out your tongue. you make your daddy and me laugh and smile countless times a day. you love to eat your fruits and vegetables and you love your dog myer. you're learning how to wave and you are babbling up a storm (lucky for me saying mamamamama).

you're first 9 days of life seems like nothing but a bad dream now. no one would be able to guess that you had such a rough beginning.

now you are so healthy and strong. i will never tire of thanking God for choosing me to be your mother. what a blessing it is to be able to call you my child.

i love watching the wonderment in your eyes as you so seriously examine your surroundings. you study everything so carefully like you just can't wait to know everything there is to know about it. i'm so excited that i get to continue to watch you grow each and every day. i love you evan!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

that's an awfully nice beard you have santa...

can i have it?

evan got to meet santa (aka...our preacher dale) last sunday at our churches christmas party. there were no tears, no screaming, just a lot of tugging. evan loves hair and santa's beard is no exception. you could quietly hear dale saying "evan, evan, let go." luckily, the beard stayed on and evan didn't ruin things for the rest of the kids standing in line. i'm sure next year there might be a fair amount of tears and screaming.

only 6 shopping days left! merry christmas!