Tuesday, March 31, 2009

please pray for evan

evan is still not better. our doctor wants to admit him to the hospital. she's worried that he is dehydrated. he's only peed once since 6pm last night. plus he's still having diarrhea. please keep us in your prayers!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

this too shall pass...


what a weekend we've had. evan has been so sick. i can deal with the ear infections but viral infections...no thanks! evan woke up screaming at 3am on friday. that's so not like him (the screaming or the 3am waking). he proceeded to throw up 3 times over the course of an hour. by 7am he was running a fever. the doctors office couldn't get me in until 2:45 that day so while we waited, evan threw up 3 more times and ran a fever of up to 103 (because of course when i tried to give him anything for the fever, he threw it up). when we finally see the doctor, he tests negative for the typical things so she wanted to look a bit further. she felt that it was a viral infection but because of his age, she wanted to be sure. she needed a urine sample (the quickest way to get it required a catheter) and a blood sample. my poor little guy. i've seen my child poked and prodded more then any mother should! she called us friday night to confirm that yes, it was a viral infection which you can't do anything about. it just has to run it's course. by saturday, the vomiting had stopped but the diarrhea had started. since that wasn't enough to deal with, the vomiting started again at 6pm. today's looking better though. we haven't had any fever, vomiting or diarrhea. just a lot of fussiness. he's hungry but eating still gives him some discomfort. he's so sick of pedilite that he'll hardly drink anymore of it. i just feel so helpless. i know we're doing everything we can but we just want him to feel better. i'm sure he will soon. if this look doesn't sum up the weeked, i don't know what will. feel better angel baby!

i'm a....

I took the 43 Things Personality Quiz and found out I'm a
Spiritual Romantic Self-Knower

this quiz only took a few minutes and was pretty accurate (for me at least). see for yourself and let me know your results :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Evan is 9 months old!

look at me!! i'm posting only one day after evan turned 9 months! poor little guy, he's been cutting his third tooth and it really seemed to be bothering him yesterday. we couldn't get anything close to a smile for his monthly picture. other than that pesky little tooth, he's just been a bundle of joy! he's crawling and pulling up like crazy and getting into everything. he is certainly keeping us on our toes. i can't believe he will be a year old in just 3 months!!

he was not into this photo session

he was so proud of himself when he stood up in the pack-n-play

he wasn't too sure about the hat

evan's first time in a swing, at our friend parker's birthday party - he couldn't quite decide if he liked it or not

evan loves bitter biscuits...too bad mommy can't say the same thing. they are sooo messy!

just a little bit further and i can get myer's ball!

this is evan's favorite way to sit (his favorite place to sit too). he tries to stand himself up this way, without holding on to anything...he's getting close!

oh how i love this little angel baby!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Evan is 8 (and 3/4) months old!

i am officially lousy at keeping this thing up to date but, considering how mobile evan has become, it's a wonder i get anything done at all. since we are so close to the 9 month mark, i'll go ahead and mention some of the milestones he's reached this month as well. that way, i'll only have to post pictures next month so maybe i wont get so behind!

learning to putt with daddy

evan is not only crawling, but pulling up as well! he loves standing so much. he gets so mad when he falls back down. he's also go two teeth now, both on the bottom. unfortunately for mama, biting is sometimes a fun game. he is just getting over his second ear infection, yuck! those are NOT fun. and probably the most exciting milestone of all...evan got his first black eye!! he was crawling around this morning when his hand slipped out from under him and his head came down on one of his toys. he's got a little blackish/purple bump right under his right eyebrow. poor thing! poor daddy too. evan was right in front of him when it happened so he felt responsible. i told him to get used to it. i know it is just the first of many bumps and bruises. it's actually his second bump/bruise. a few weeks ago, he headbutted great-grandma's teeth. he got a bump on the forehead (that you can see in his 8 month pic) and he knocked her dentures loose!

you should see me move!

most importantly, he is growing and changing every day. he is becoming fiercely independent. he wants to do everything himself. especially when it comes to eating. but he really has such a laid back, happy personality. we are so grateful for that. he is such a joy! i cannot believe that he will be a year old in a little over 3 months! i am determined to savor every last second of babyhood!