Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Evan is 11 months old!

i didn't realize until a few days ago that i had not written evan's 11 month post! considering that this will be my last "month" post, i can't let it slip by. i feel like i've been so busy just watching evan grow. he is changing so fast, i really can't believe my eyes. he is so interested in everything. when he's playing, it's like he's trying to figure out how his toys work. we have a little train that spins balls around and drops them out the back. he loves to see them spin, and tries to grab them before they drop. yesterday, he let them keep spinning and kept bending over and looking into the hole to see where they were going. this kept his attention for quite a few minutes. maybe he has a future in engineering. he also loves to put smaller toys inside larger toys and shake them so they make noise. he's really exploring everything he sees. i love watching his learning.

crawling is still evan's only method of transportation (fine by me!). he is standing longer and longer each time he lets go and will take a few good steps when you hold his hands. but for the most part, he doesn't seem too interested in walking. i even bought him a walker (don't worry, he's well supervised while in it) but he doesn't really like it/can't figure out how to use it. he can push himself backwards but mostly just sits in it. i'm in no hurry for the walking to begin so this is all fine by me!

we are rapidly planning his first birthday party and i almost want to cry when i think about it. this has all gone by way to fast. i'm not ready to move out of the baby phase. i can understand why some feel the need to have another baby at this point BUT, that's not for me! i just want to savor each and every day with evan. i'm not ready to have to share my time. plus, one child in diapers is more than enough for me!

i've been a bit lax in my picture taking this month but i do have a few cute shots to share. enjoy!

who doesn't enjoy playing with a laundry basket?!?!

stephanie and addison came to visit! we introduced them to our favorite pizza place, stavro's!

evan is learning how to walk myer...maybe i should teach evan the correct way to hold the leash?


  1. He is getting so big! Whenever you come to PC we'd love to see ya'll :)

  2. Wish we could come to his b-day party! We had fun, miss you guys ... and Stavros:) I looked rough in that pic. I know how it feels to be amazed each day at how much they seem to change over night. Hopefully we can visit again soon! Tell Evan Addison wishes him a Happy First Birthday. Take lots of pics for us!!!

  3. Hey, I'm anxiously awaiting the first birthday post :) No pressure though ;)